With enthusiasm and great love for her country, Sarah strives to bring the world to DR Congo. As a communication manager she will be at the forefront of recruiting trainees and volunteers. In order to ensure smooth and correct cooperation, she will also be responsible for the coordination and development of projects and activities.

“As a Belgian with Congolese roots, I am lucky enough to get “best of both worlds”: The Belgian side was able to go to school from an early age, obtain a college degree, find a job, earn money to save and do nice things. The Congolese side is lucky enough to delve into its roots on a daily basis, to be surrounded by a large family, to seek out the sun in her homeland, to know Congolese cuisine, and to master several languages such as Lingala, Tshiluba and French.

April 2016, the first time I placed my feet on Congolese soil, was both impressive and overwhelming. On the one hand I had the time of my life and on the other hand I had so many tears left by the poverty I saw around me… I knew from that moment on that I had to do something for my country. Thanks to my sisters (-in-law) Emilie and Christel, I can keep my promise.”