Maison Maurice is a non-profit organisation that aims to build an orphanage in Kisangani, DR Congo. Apart from the construction of the orphanage, we want to set up small-scale projects that can make the local population a better and more dignified life. We focus mainly on housing, education, health, and so on. We want to involve the local  population in the projects and give responsibility to keep this going.


  • Orphanage

The non-profit association has bought a site on which the orphanage will be built. There is a capacity for 30 children with 3 living groups. 0 years to 3 years, 3 years to 12 years and +12 years.

It has been proven that children grow best in a family home, not institutions such as orphanages. Orphanage is a temporary shelter. Finding and guiding a suitable foster family is one of our tasks.

  • Youth center

Next to the orphanage there will be a youth center where all kinds of activities will be organized for the local population.

  • Playground

There is no playground yet in Kisangani, a place where peace and fun for young and old go together.



A team will be formed for each project. Suitable individuals will be recruited on site in collaboration with local partners.


The agricultural sector supports two-thirds of the population therefor it is important that we teach the local population different farming methods. Thanks to the proximity of the river, there will also be room for fish and cattle breeding.


There will be a water purification plant for the children, but the local population will also be able to enjoy this.